Hi, I am Amber Busby.

I am the passionate type A personality behind the lens.

I have been a professional photographer since 2011, yes, after the birth of my son. I was a severe shutterbug prior to that and have since turned my passion into my full time career, right behind being a wife (ten years!) and momma llama. I am also an avid OTFer (orange theory fitness is where you will find me twice a week), lover of my church home MyCBCB and sweet tea addict.

I think photography is such a powerful gift. As a photographer, I have the ability to make time stand still, just for period in a series of fleeting moments. When we are gone, and generations come they will remember us by our photos. What a powerful, wonderful thing to be a part of.

I put a lot of thought and care into my clients for an upscale, memorable and quality experience. Join me in treasuring time forever, won't you?